Friday, September 27, 2013

The Child Inside

Well, we had our weekly meeting today.

Let's see, for a frame of reference let me tell you this. There is only one other woman in our area that does what I do. Once a customer called to complain about me. HA! But guess what? It was the other woman.
I do understand her confusion as Linda is timid, short and ...what's the word I'm looking for?
Ah, yes! Black!
Whereas I am, 5' 10, obnoxiously friendly, and as white as mayonnaise. Heck, any whiter and I may become translucent.

But I digress.

You know what the boss said about me today?

Basically I would feed my children to the wolves and called me a Black Widow. See? Now I think he has Linda and I confused!

Later, I told him I know he is secretly in love with me, but I have his back anyways. Oh Geez, men!

Okay, back to the original thought for this posting.

Kids love me. All ages. And I know why. I have never let the child inside me die. Few people other than my son and kids get to see my inner child.

That may not be one hundred percent accurate. Sometimes, when it pops out, grown ups look at me strange.
Yeah, well, sucks to be them.

What made me think of all this, is that I saw, and you will never guess who at the gas station......

Yes. I saw Batman at the gas station.

OOoooo!!! I was so excited! I yelled out across the parking lot,


Batman was apparently a little surprised that I recognized him, but he did wave back. I'm not sure how George Clooney would have reacted.

Let me tell you how Batman was disguised.
First, he was in the passenger-side of a pick up truck. Batman, if not incognito, would definitely be behind the driving wheel.
Second, he looked almost exactly like this....

After I came out of the gas station, I was hoping he would still be there. And there he was, with a smile a mile wide and waving his arm off at me. Because, we both knew he really was....



  1. Are you sure we're not related? Where I live it's called crazy. I excel at crazy, I have had lots of practice. Does that make me a professional? Shouldn't I get paid for this?

    1. We all should get paid for it no matter what it's called- obnoxiously friendly, crazy, or just plain weird.