Friday, August 21, 2015

Here's a joke for you

A city slicker and his wife move out to the country.
He decides to raise pigs.
He goes off one day and buys four pigs.
When he gets home he realizes all his piggies are girls.

He calls his farmer neighbor and asks if he can bring over his piggie girls to visit his big pig.
The farmer agrees and the city slicker loads up his girls in the truck and drops them off.

A couple of days later, he goes back to pick them up and asks the farmer, "How will I know they are pregnant?'
The farmer tells him, "When you see the pigs grazing you will know, as pigs do not normally graze."

The city slicker watches the girls for a couple days and no grazing.

He calls the farmer and asks again, if he can bring his piggies back to his farm. The farmer cheerily says, "Sure, bring 'em on over."

So, he loads them back up in the truck and back to the farmer they go.

A couple days later, he loads them back in the truck and brings them home.

Over the next couple days, the city slicker diligently watches for the pigs to start grazing.

He continues bring the girls back and forth to the farmer for the next six months.

Still no grazing.

One morning after the stay at the farmer's, the city slicker can't stand it anymore. He calls out to his wife and says, "Honey, look out the window and see if our pigs are grazing."

She looks out the window.

She turns back to him and says,


"The girls are all in the truck and 
one is beeping the horn."

Ps. I heard this told by Gary Muledeer. He does it much better!

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