Thursday, August 20, 2015

I'm Baby Z

my momma is too tired to write tonight, so i sneaked the laptop away 

see my collar with the black box?
it's kinda nifty
momma bought and installed an invisible fence for us monkeys
we have the run of almost five acres!!
we really dont need the collars anymore to remind us where we cant go
but momma still worries about us running across the road
we have even sneaked out of the house
run around all day in the yard
and before momma came home
 we ran into the house acting all innocent
but we forgot to shut the sliding glass door behind us

arent i the most handsome boy?
and momma says im the one with the sweetest nature 
i was the runt of the litter and im still the smallest of the monkeys

i like to carry stuffed toys around,
i like cookies, the doggie variety
and i like to dig up voles

since i am the smallest, i make sure when i bark, 
i sound like the biggest, toughest monkey around

but, im a lover
not a fighter


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