Friday, May 2, 2014

Butt Lifting Beetle

Today, which in fact, was yesterday...I saw something I had never seen.
So, I went back to my truck and grabbed my camera.

Action shot

Little bugger was moving quick, as seen in the above photo.


He was moving so fast. I placed my hand in front of him to slow him down.

Downward facing dog.
What the hell?! He put his head down and lifted his butt in the air.

Reminded me of these little fellows and made me a little wary.

Not my baby skunks- via
I tried to get a good picture, but I am flying blind. Because, the monkeys chewed off the back rubberized portion of my camera. I have no clue which buttons to push for maco. Sorry, about that.

He's about an inch and a half.

So, now that I am curious as to what he is, I looked up Butt Lifting Beetle.

Well, I found this....

Not my butt, nor my car...via

After some more searching, I found that it is called a couple of different names.

Pinacate beetle
Clown beetle

And now a better photo....

Pinacate comes from the Aztec pinacatl, for "black beetle.
Oh, and just for the record, I had good reason to be wary of the "butt lifting beetle". It is a stink bug that shoots liquid from it's butt and can temporarily blind you.


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