Monday, May 26, 2014

I'm becoming one of THOSE people


I am fat and lazy. HOLY CRAP LAZY.

I can lay blame everywhere. But, ultimately, it is my fault. Entirely.

The Blob

So yesterday, I am changing all that. (Take that, all you English majors!)

I'm too lazy to make breakfast for myself in the morning.
Hello, Egg McMuffin sans meat and butter.


Make my super secret super healthy smoothie in advance.

Combine all the ingredients into individual pint mason jars. Blend in the morning. Drink on the morning drive.

Make quick quesadillas of egg cheese sriracha sauce and chopped green peppers and mushrooms. Green peppers and mushrooms already chopped in pint mason jars.

Lunch dilemma. I hate cold food. Hello, number 16.


Get over it. Room temperature is okay.

Make lunch the night before.

Flour tortillas with mixed greens, spinach, tuna, salmon or turkey.

I found niffy vacuum sealed tuna and salmon packs. Why has no one told me of these?! And different flavors?! Each pack makes two tortilla sandwiches.  One for lunch and one for when I am starving.

Dinner, well???

My lazy butt needs to get moving. So, while I walk a monkey or two. I will have my rice cooker on. Cooking rice and steaming chicken and vegetables. Chicken is already sliced and marinated in individual baggies.

So, what did I mean that I am becoming one of those people?

I am going organic. At this point, I am not concerned with my fruits and vegetables. I get them from a wholesaler, cheap, cheap, cheap.

It's the meat, milk and eggs that I will concentrate on for now.

Oh, yeah, I am boycotting all Coca Cola products since I watched Blackfish on Netflix over two months ago. Coca Cola has not responded to my boycott. Of course, I never told them.

See, I'm one of THOSE people now.

I've gotta stop watching documentaries and stop reading so much.


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