Thursday, April 10, 2014

How To Eat A Chick

First, grab the offending chick by his cute little tail.

Then, bite off his eyes. One by one, so he doesn't see ya coming.

Next, bite off  his little beak. You don't want him alarming all the other chicks.

Then you must bite off his head  and roll that morsel around in your mouth and savor it.

Next you will want to bite off any defects you find.
Bonus! Mine had a bump on his chest. No more!

Then take your headless chick and chew off his little toes.

Next, chomp his body from his tail. Be careful of your fingers.

Lastly, eat his oh so lonely tail.

And that my friends,
I'm the blonde one in the middle!
is how to eat a Peep!


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