Monday, April 28, 2014


Let me tell you that as a little girl, my mother hated me. I feel that is a relatively true statement.
I know for a fact she hated my hair. With a passion.

My hair was light, light blonde and thin. No barrette would stay in place for more than three minutes.
So, she hacked off my hair and made me part it to the side, just like a boy. Then, shellac it with AquaNet.


If I still had the photos, I would post them.

Once, and only once she home permed me. That lasted... maybe three days.
If I still had the photos, I would post it.


I had Barbie dolls, that had long beautiful blonde hair.

I tried to give them bangs.
I also used mascara to color one's hair.

One Christmas/Birthday, I received a Barbie head.

That didn't work out so well for Barbie.


Besides, I felt that was a really disturbing gift.

I think that is when I realized that hairdressing was not in my future.

Now, this Saturday, it was another spectacular day here and the monkeys were outside.

I decided to brush them all and use the Furminator on them.


Love the Furminator.


I took it a step further, maybe too far.

I got the scissors out and well.....Professional Monkey Groomer is not a good career choice for me.

Lily's butt.


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  1. I once, when I was quite young, got jealous of my sister getting compliments on her long hair because it was pretty. I decided I would cut it. We were at Grandma's house and the neighbor had really long grass so I figured I'd hide it in the grass and no one would see it, so no one would know. Yada yada yada. Grandpa said I did an excellent job, but Mom spanked me anyway. She only had to trim one piece around the ear and the cut was perfect. And I also got my hair cut even shorter than my sister's.