Thursday, April 24, 2014

Will Wonders Never Cease

Well, Well, Well.....

What I am going to tell you, you will not believe.

But, as they say....

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Grave marker in Miami 2011

Vault in Miami 2011

My pal Eddie 2012
Yep. Those are my pictures, taken with my camera that the monkeys tried to eat. I finally bought a cord for my camera!

Now, hold on to your pants.......

Baby Z

Princess Lily Bear

Sterling aka Snoopy

Pugsley aka Uggies
 And Samson won't let me take a picture of him no how, no way....

However, when a bribe of cookies is offered...

Possessed Monkeys
Ps. I realize the pictures are horrid. Bear in mind, I haven't touched this camera in over two years. And give me some credit, my boy is a professional photographer, he must have gotten his talent from someone!



  1. It will be so nice to see what you actually see rather than stock photos. Or maybe it will be scarier. In fact, with your mind it may be downright terrifying. Can't wait!