Monday, April 7, 2014

I Am Not a Hippie, Dammit!

But, I think we are in trouble here, fellow humans.

We are attempting to bend the planet to our will.

Genetically modified foods.
view documentary here

Huge corporations in charge of our food supply.

Over population and poverty.

I have become so disdainful of our own political system.


How about our welfare system?

Too many laws. Laws are not made to protect people, they are to make people money.


Tax, tax, taxed to death and beyond. Literally.

More than 10 percent of the American population is on prescribed antidepressants. Now think of all those that self medicate with illicit drugs and alcohol.

You know, a good wide world plague is not a bad idea.


  1. Well thanks for your little ray of sunshine this morning! LOVE the welfare pic. And I'm in complete agreement with you on the mess in this country. To stay sane, I try not to dwell on it too long.

  2. Pop a pill, you'll be just fine! LOL
    Ps. Stay away from the pills! Seriously, I like you just the way you are!