Monday, April 14, 2014

The Eye of Sauron

So....I took four days off from work. A much needed break, seriously. When you are thinking of stabbing random strangers, I think that's a really good time to take a break.


Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day. So beautiful in fact, that I was motivated to fix the fence.
So, me, a monkey and a beer went to work.

When the fence project was far enough done, I let out two more monkeys to join us.

These monkeys could not have been happier!!

not my monkeys
I took a seat on the weathered wooden bench and looked out over the fields towards the mountains.
I never get tired of looking at them.

I noticed smoke in the fields and watched as the farmer lit the ditches on fire. It clears the weeds from the path of the water to come. Actually, the big water is already in the big ditch. I guess he has to tap into it some how.

not my field, or my mountain

Anyhoo....I love watching fire flames. Every now and then I give Puggies a sip of my beer. Because, I am not a lush and Puggies would love to be a drunk monkey.

As I watch the flames rise over the ditch, I was reminded of something that happened here a couple months back.

It was night time and I like to go outside and look at the stars. When I stepped outside I looked to the north and it looked like the fields were on fire!
So, I  call up a coworker that lives ten minutes away in that general direction and ask, "Hey, is the prairie on fire near you?"
His answer was, "Nope." He's a talker, I tell ya!

Well, this was one mystery I couldn't just rest. Besides, really what if a fire was heading my way?
So, I load up Sampson, the eldest monkey and way we go. I have to see what is on fire! Well, we drive and drive about ten miles until I see that the prairie is not on fire but....

The Eye of Sauron!

Okay, so it really wasn't the Eye of Sauron, but I swear I could have been.
Until, I googled what I had seen.
Natural Gas Flare Stack
and at night it was spectacular!



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