Thursday, December 13, 2012

I killed my hampster & The 12 Mexican Days of Christmas

Not my hamster...pic via

So, I killed my hamster.

A couple months ago, I got a hamster.
He/she was just so cute and free.
I could not resist!

I never gave it a name. It never occurred to me.
He/she was pale grey with a white muzzle and came with a water bottle and a running wheel.

That crazy little hamster would run like the devil was after he/she.

Initially, I would feed he/she thirteen little food pellets every time I saw he/she was awake.
If he/she wasn't awake, I would not disturb his/her slumber to feed him.
I didn't want to leave food around, in case of a bug infestation.

I had noticed that he/she slept alot.
So no food was left for he/she.

This went on for quite a while.
Then he/she would perk up and look expectantly at me and I would toss those thirteen little pellets in with he/she.
Nibble, nibble, nibble.
If I glanced away he/she would get a drink from the bottle.

Sometimes, he/she would refuse to get off the wheel.
So, no thirteen pellets!

So, it became a challenge.
Who's will is stronger.

Little bugger would just lie there.
Taunting me.

Stupid hamster.
Eat when I look at you!
Get off that damn wheel!
I'm not going to wake you up to eat!

Fine, so don't eat!

I became so incensed by this little critter, I just wanted to....never mind.

So, I peek at he/she.
He/she hasn't moved in the last couple days.
I'm fairly certain I killed he/she.

Here's a picture of he/she in better days.

Please enjoy the following Christmas video, as I google the funeral rites of hamsters.
I suspect I will need to purchase a virtual toilet.

Anyone wanna adopt(be tormented by) a he/she hamster? Click here.

Ps. No hamsters, real or virtual, were harmed in the making of this post.


  1. I hate it when hamsters get stubborn and strong willed like that.

    Burial at sea works well unless there is a entourage of mourners. When the ground is too frozen for a proper burial there has been a hamster in our freezer for several months.

  2. You've killed a virtual hamster. You're a virtual murderer. I'm calling the virtual ASPCA and you'll be getting a virtual visit. ;)

  3. At the most, I will get convicted of hamslaughter. It is not a proud day for me. Bring on the virtual handcuffs!