Monday, December 17, 2012

Seriously, DUDE! & Wizards In Winter - 2009

Okay, so some of you know that I am moving.
Yay! Me!

I am seriously stressed out because I am moving.

I know I have a great job waiting for me.
And I know that I absolutely HATE it here in HELL.
But, I'm still stressing.

The original place I found was phenomenal!
Everything I wanted and needed.
And a reasonable distance too!

Ummm, yeah that didn't work out so well.
As the owner did not tell me that the current residents haven't moved out.
Oh, and the place won't be available until February 1st.

Yeah, slight snafu.

But with all things, I shall overcome.

Okay, so in the last week the toilet broke.
No, I didn't do it.
It just started spraying water up through the toilet tank.
Yep, I fixed it.

I discovered a branch hit a bedroom window and smashed it.
No, I didn't fix it.

And finally, my washing machine broke.
Did I mention that the water heater started to leak?

My washer breaking, SUCKS!
I'm not going to buy another one as,

So I can't wash clothes.
I can't wash sheets.

I even went so far as to buy new socks and undergarments.
I really did not want to go to the coin laundry.

But, I had to go.
I ran out of clean frillies.

So I loaded up.
Just two loads.
And went to the coin laundry.

It is in an area people of my color don't frequent.
Who cares. I don't.

Now this is not about color or in my case, lack there of.

This is about a dude.
A black dude.
This is not prejudice.
This is stating facts.

As I walk in said black dude is walking out.
He is wearing a red apron and a white stocking cap.

He says to me, "It's really busy in there."
I said, "That's okay, I just need one machine."
End of conversation.

I load up my coin washer.
One of those nifty front load machines.

Did I mention that I had run out of my frillies?

I put said frillies and some jeans in the washer and start it.
I go outside to sit in my vehicle to wait for the wash to be done.
I eat some fast food I picked up. 
And occasionally look up to make sure no one is messing with my laundry.

I go in to check how long I have until the washer is finished and I see the red apron wearing dude.
I guess he works there.

I go back to my vehicle to play some demo Tetris on my phone.
Don't you judge me. I forgot my book.

I look up and see said black dude looking staring at my washer for wayyyyy too long.

This freak is watching my frillies!!!!!



Now, on a less freaky note.

Please enjoy this 
Christmas Light Display.


  1. No matter where you are, if you want to meet up with Weirdos check out the coin-op laundry. My former life required I spend a lot of time there WAIT, does that makes me a Weirdo? Oh,yeah. I AM one.

    Good luck getting out of that place before it kills you.

  2. Hey, I'm okay with you getting your freak on. Just leave my frillies alone! LOL