Monday, December 24, 2012

Perspective & Holdman Christmas Lights 2010 - Complete Show

We live.

We die.

We watch those we love die.

We see death everywhere.

We are not a culture of violence.

We are a culture of death.

I see people memorializing their loved ones on
 the back of pick up truck windows,
on t-shirts,
crosses on the side of the roads.

I am sick of people showing how much they "care" by drawing attention to themselves, 
either in word or deed.

A friend of mine passed recently.
I don't do funerals.
I left a heartfelt note on the door for his daughter.
I told her what a good man her father was.
I wrote of instances, that showed the good in him as he interacted with others.
Children, even grown may not know the impact of their parent in other peoples lives.
I did not leave my name.

True grief is quiet. 
True sorrow wrings the soul mute.
Silence is somber.


Now on a much lighter note, 

I want to wish everyone
 a very Merry Christmas
and a peaceful and prosperous 
New Year!

And if this video doesn't lift your soul....

tell Ebenezer I said hi, you Grinch!

Love and Hugs for Christmas!


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