Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The December Pariah and a few offensive words

You know, I am starting to feel like a pariah.

I don't own nor watch television.
But that's not why I am feeling like a pariah.

I don't own a microwave oven.
But that's not why I am feeling like a pariah.

I don't own forty cats, just 5 dogs monkeys.
But that's not why I am feeling like a pariah.

I have an unnatural love for chickens.
But that's not why I am feeling like a pariah.

I feel like a pariah, 
every time I speak this time of year.

With great cheer,
to all that I meet in the course of the day.

Their eyes fill with fear.
They look left.
They look right.
Merry Christmas, they whisper like a thief in the night.

I smile broadly and nod.
My groceries in hand.
I wonder what has happened
to our great land..

I want to shout from the rooftops

But I wonder if I would offend.
Would it be the use of profanity?
Or the public acknowledgement of a Christian holiday?

Why are Americans killing Christmas?

I suspect it started with those whose birthdays are eclipsed by the birth of baby Jesus.
I will admit to some resentment of the one gift for my birthday/Christmas.
Or that I never got to celebrate my birthday in elementary school, as my birthday fell during Christmas break.
But I grew up. mostly.

I worked retail for years.
Christmas started coming before Halloween.
I was sick of Christmas songs before Thanksgiving.

I feel one of the biggest problems created in our society is from the retail world.
Opening shop on Sundays.
Staying open later and later.
Staying open on holidays.

Employees don't get to spend time with their families over dinner.
I truly could go on and on. 
But I won't.

I am always mindful of the store staff.
I am polite and courteous.
I know they would rather be elsewhere, as would I.
But we are currently in the same place at the same time.
Experiencing the same moment of time.

I often buy a candy bar or coke separate from my other purchases.
I hand them the candy bar or coke with the receipt and tell them to have a great day.

I don't wonder if they are diabetic or have allergies or on a diet.

I am giving and that is what matters.
I am taking a small amount of myself and acknowledging the existence of another human being.

I make a good memory for them until some thoughtless person erases that good feeling.

We are in a fight here people.
To keep the good in our lives.
To keep American traditions.
To keep Christmas.


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