Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cemeteries can be funny.


In my travels to and from work I pass a cemetery. I find them fascinating.

Curiously, I only notice this cemetery after a snow.
I have never seen any footprints in the snow since I have started noticing the cemetery.

So, I got to thinking....

practical jokes.

Yeah, I know twisted. But, apparently that's who I am!

What I was thinking, maybe I could buy a couple bags of topsoil and walk barefoot backwards to a grave. Brush the snow from the top of the grave and pour the topsoil on top of it.

Now, I'm thinking people would think that someone escaped. Something like the Zombie Apocalypse. Even better if I did multiple graves.


I was thinking that maybe too gruesome for some, so I decided that this on top of a grave would be hilarious.




  1. HILARIOUS! I LOVE the zombie idea. Of course, I'm partial to the show "The Walking Dead" so maybe that's why I like it, ha.

  2. I'm telling my family to do this when I go. Everyone I know would be all......"oh that is so fitting, Bliss was a hoot", and the people that didn't know me would want to and the ones that didn't like me would be pissed because I'm still stealing their thunder!