Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm late, I'm late....

According to a couple different sources my last frost date is between May 5-13. Which means, I just ran to my sink and watered up my little Jiffy pots and soaking seeds as you read this.
Today I will be Jiffy potting the following seeds.


Spearmint- Menta Spicata
Parsley- Extra Curled Dwarf
Sweet Basil- Ocimum basilicum
Oregano- Origanum vulgare hirtum
Cilantro-Coriandrum sativum

Livingston Seed Co.

Pea- Early Frosty **Heirloom**


Sweet Pepper- Kaleidoscope Mix

Eggplant- Garden Blend

Now according to some sources, I can directly sow the following:

Livingston Seed Co.


Spinach- American **Heirloom**

The Page Seed Company

Radish Early Scarlet Globe-Raphanus sativus

Swiss Chard- Bright Lights


Turnip- Purple-Top White Globe
Chives-Common Allium schoenoprasum
Spinach-Space Hybrid
Spinach-Early Prolific Hybrid

However, Saturday looks like a snow day. Maybe, I can throw those little buggers in the ground on Sunday.

After reading yet ANOTHER source, I will be waiting a couple more weeks.



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