Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tribulus terrestris or the Tribulation of Terrors

It's been a while since my daily postings and I am eager to get started back up. My fingers are rusty and my mind all a jumble. 

Where to start? Where to start?!

Ack!! So much has happened!

Shall we start from the beginning? Seems logical, but I will let the mind go were it wants. 
Enjoy the ride!

First, I made it to Colorado safely and all the monkey intact. Yayy us!

Now, let me just say that Colorado is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!

The foothills are beautiful and the mountains are majestic. 

I currently reside on the Front Range, a little north of Denver. I sit on a little 5 acre piece of land that is surrounded by fields of nothingness, occasionally covered by snow.

The monkeys love it!
I   love it!

So far, we have only encountered one miserable little item that mars this truly incredible landscape.

Its beyond evil.

It's sneaky.

It's is incredibly painful to both the monkeys and I.

Imagine...(queue dreamy music here) You are walking across your brand new carpet when a sharp stabbing pain rips through the bottom of your bare foot. Shooting a dagger of shock and awe up your leg to the very topmost of your head.

Imagine, giving birth to a watermelon of lava while having to endure watching an entire season of Jerry Springer

Yes, I'm talking about the dreaded goat's head weed.

This little bastard of sharpness. grows in the surrounding fields where the monkeys were able to roam. Poor monkeys would get one of these thorny monsters in their paw and bring them into the house were there would worry them out and leave them thoughtfully hidden amongst the carpet fibers. Where I, blissfully unaware, would trod on it and...insert expletive here.

So even though I have found heaven, a bit o'hell has found us.

ps. To check out Wikipedia's info about the Devil's eyelash, click here.
pss. Blogger doesn't recognize the word...amongst.


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