Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Coming Out of the Closet


I'm originally from the land of heat, humidity and lizards. South Florida for the uninitiated.
With a brief layover in Hell, I am now in Heaven.

For those who have never been to Colorado, it is not all snow and mountains. 

Shocker! I know!

On my side of the range it is a semi-arid environment. That actually means NO HUMIDITY!

My skin was suffering, my nasal passages dry and OMG my lungs!! So when I felt the familiar sensation of Pleurisy creeping up on me, I knew it was time to take action.

I purchased a humidifier! Yayy, smart me!

Problem was, the rooms are too large or too open to increase the humidity to an acceptable level.

 I really need to build an indoor waterfall like this. 

But due to limited funds, I had to improvise.

So, I moved my clever self into one of the smaller walk in closets and there I slept each night  for a couple weeks. It worked like a charm. I could breathe again like a normal human. Which by the way, is an enormous plus!

One day, while chatting with my son, I tell him of my sleeping arrangement.

He deadpans, "So, Mom. What you are telling me, is that you come out of the closet every day."

"Yes, Son. I come out every day." "I'm straight, don't hate."

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  1. Oh, yes we are terribly dry. I hope you enjoy your new life here!