Thursday, March 28, 2013

Monday. A Day of Suckatude....

Yes, I know it is not Monday but it was earlier this week. Most think that it is the first day of the week. But both you and I know different.

I'm trying to determine the definition of Suckatude.

a) a day that sucks
b) a day that has a problem with your very existence, for no apparent reason
c) a day that is so off kilter that it is laughable
d) a day that you yell "Phooey" out loud when you know all the really good curse words
e) a day when you keep checking with others to make sure it's still Monday and the Suckatude hasn't crept into Tuesday

Yep, Suckatude.

So, I need some retail therapy. Not the spend some money kind. 
Just the stuff you know that if you had it, the Suckatude will stay at bay.

No stomach, but big legs.

Headache from not eating and no tummy to put the food in.

Distraught over the constant need to poop, but nothing comes out.

Trying not to giggle, when imparting valuable knowledge.

Having to pee so badly and not even a 7-11 around.

All these items were found on the Worldstock section.
No endorsements, paid or otherwise. You know the drill.

Have a Suckatude-free week!


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