Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mermaid Sighted in Colorado

To my limited knowledge (I didn't Google to confirm) there has never been another mermaid sighting in Colorado. I don't  even know it there is a large enough body of water in Colorado to support a healthy population of mermaids.

The sighting occurred on a dark and stormy night. Of course, isn't that always the way?

Anywhoo, I was driving on the highway being cautious of my speed as it was snowing and the roads were slick. I was in the right lane when I noticed flashing red lights of a fellow motorist on the shoulder of the road. 

I must move to the left, is what I thought. Checking my rear view mirror, I see another motorist speeding up my rear. Then the 18 wheeler ahead of me applies his brakes. Can you feel the scenario? Heart pumping just a bit faster?
As I make my move to the left lane.

There she was.

Just laying in the highway.
She didn't look too healthy.
Why would she?
She's out in the middle of a highway where it is freezing and snowing!

She looked more like this but laying down.

She was laying partially across two lanes of this darkened highway.

So now I have to avoid this supernatural obstacle .


Fortunately, I avoid all these obstacles and as I pass the mermaid (and you know I was totally going to go back and rescue her) my brain finally makes the giant leap to reality to reveal that my stranded mermaid was in fact,

Ummm, yes, a roll of carpet.



Ps..No drugs or alcohol were being used at the time of the sighting or the writing of this post.
Pss. It's always an adventure in this little noggin of mine.

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