Friday, October 12, 2012


I have addictions, you?

I haven't owned a television in YEARS. And I never once missed it. That stupid box gobbled up sooo much time much of my life. When I decided to kick the habit it was easy! I found I could accomplish so much more in my life without that technicolored demon, flickering seductively in the room.
My life kinda got turned upside down and well, I found someone on Facebook that I hadn't spoken to in YEARS. And I saw they played Farmville. "What a novel idea!" Here I can chat occasionally with this person and gift them Farmville items and they will never know it's me. It worked too well.
This addiction is SERIOUS. 
(and so is the language)
This addiction is SERIOUS. But now it's just overwhelming. I occasionally spent REAL MONEY for Farmville items that only exist in cyberville. I cut that shit out real fast!

I literally spend 6 or more hours a day completing Farmville tasks. I am a master tree grower and actually have a groupies following me for those nights I grow trees. But OMG!!! Now there are brand new crops to grow! I can't keep up with all the new trees and animals. The new tasks! There are currently ten, TEN, 10!!! I have 5 FREAKIN' FARMS!!!!

I have tried to cut back. I stopped attempting the tasks. I even started deleting a bunch of stuff off my farms. But that she-Bitch sucked me back in!! Last week, when I was growing new trees, I was visited by the tree fairy...OMG over 60 new trees. I moved my older trees out of the orchards and started building new ones. I filled and filled and filled orchards with new trees. WHY!!!??


And now Farmville has really hit me below the belt. HALLOWEEN. My ULTIMATE favorite holiday of the year. New animals(monsters), new decor, new everything. I'm torn. Do I allow this nonsensical GAME to continue to rule my life or.....

Dear Farmville,


5 Monkeys and A Chick


  1. Good for you. I've never played it, or any other online game for that matter, but I am constantly amazed that other people DO. But Farmville always got me....I kept thinking "why don't they just go plant some REAL seeds??" I know it's different, that you wouldn't get to socialize with people all over the country/world in your own backyard, but it also wouldn't suck up half of your life either.

    1. Aww, but Mystic I could grow raspberries in two hours instead of two years. True they don't quite taste the same, but on the flip side it truly did rekindle my desire to be back on a farm. Even bought chickens!

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