Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh! Baby Z

My monkeys do everything in their power to create housework for me and everything in their power to dissuade me from such mundane tasks.

I wish!

Today's example:

Before I vacuum, I sweep.
I sweep the walls.
I sweep the window sills.
I sweep the baseboards.
I sweep the carpet.

Yes, you read "carpet".

Seriously, my monkeys shed like the abominable snowman does in summer. 
The Bumble used to totally freak me out as a child. I think he still does!

Today I was sweeping the summer bedroom, that I haven't been in for months. (multiple peeping tom incidents.) I swept every thing and every where, while moving monkeys out of the way. They must inspect every little bit of fuzz, every crumb, every hair tie...OMG EVERYTHING.

Then they opt for two choices: 
eat it or lay on it.

But today, my Baby Z decided to join me in my disdain for housework and acted upon it.

BABY Z, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. lol...we sweep carpet too. It's not that bad, really. We have a vacuum, but it often breaks down, because ya know it's not ment to suck of certain things and some kids just can't grasp that LITTLE fact. After a week of no vacuum my man finally fixed it yesterday, but all last week we (as in a medium sized person) were sweeping the rugs.

    1. Let's see, two button Legos go up nooo problem. Four button Legos you have go over it back and forth an average of 6 times until you actually decide that your vacuum truly does suck(that's good) and Legos suck more! Ah, but the memories of stepping barefoot on one of those suckers last a lifetime!