Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The games monkeys play

Monkeys love to play games!

One monkey, named Pugsley aka Puggies aka The Puggs has a game he plays every night and no one but me has yet to catch on. Close to bedtime they all settle down, mostly. But they have a very specific location on where they sleep.  See badly drawn chart below.

Badly drawn chart

Now, Puggies ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY must have the upper left spot. 

If Puggies doesn't have his spot when he is ready for bed, he plays the most annoying game EVER! 



RULE NUMBER ONE: Everyone must be all comfy, except for The Puggs.
RULE NUMBER TWO: Everyone must be almost dozing, except for The Puggs.

Objective: The Puggs gets his spot!

Puggies leisurely (so as not to provoke suspicion)proceeds to walk across the room and slams the bedroom door shut, then scratches at it like he ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY MUST GET OUT!!

 All the other players monkeys run to the door wanting to get out because they ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY MUST GET OUT!! 

I then must get up and REOPEN the door and all the players monkeys run outside. By the time I turn around, Puggies is in HIS spot. I don't know how he does that!

The only answer is....
Puggies is Magic!!

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