Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Colorado BABY!! That's where it's at...

Or so my son says.

Well, he does know me best and he loves "Da Momma". 
So off I go to a new adventure in approximately 6 (count them, SIX!!) weeks.

 I created this blog over a year ago and if I had told my life's tale...hoo boy, I would have made everyone want to throw themselves off a bridge. BUT, now I am back and I hope to make this little blog a chronicle of my soon to be ADVENTURE. And yes, it does need to be capitalized. I envision chuckles and excitement and wonder and M&M's and Mounds bars and...ah, but I do digress. I'm really not sure if anyone will take the time out of their day to read any of this, but just in case...HEY! THANKS!! Hope you stick around and enjoy the read!

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