Friday, October 26, 2012

Seeking Sarah

Ten things I have discovered about Sarah....
She always shaves and uses lotion daily.

She never leaves the house without mascara or lipstick.

She rarely curses.

She takes care of herself first.

If she says "No", no one gets offended.
She is organized...beyond.

She likes her hair curly.

She loves walking her dogs.

She does not smoke.

She likes cute and girly things.


Problem is, I'm this girl! But if you knew me here in this hell hole you would never know it.

So, I'm letting Sarah Ann out. I will let her out a bit at a time so as not to freak me out completely. (Or those around me.)

Odd posting, I am sure. But, necessary.

Personally, I think she is a lipstick lesbian without the whole lesbianism thing.

 I look forward to spend more time with Sarah.
 I know she's a pip!


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