Friday, April 5, 2013

The Cows are the Aliens

I don't know about your place, but all kinds of weird stuff is happening here. I don't watch television so I don't know if this is a localized phenomena or countrywide.

One thing I do know, there is something wrong with the trees. At first, I though it was some sort of fungus, then I thought, caterpillar invasion. I am stumped.

Next, is acoustical music playing outside constantly. Seriously, you can't get away from it. It follows you everywhere. Not that it's bad, you just wonder, why?

But the most bizarre observation that I have made is about the neighbor's cows.
I have been watching them closely. They are Angus cattle and I have two favorites.
The off colored brown one and the one with the white face that I have named Krull.
The cows have been really loud lately. All the time. I have been thinking it may be some kind of  bovine warning system.
And what's really spooky, there are more cows. Smaller cows, almost a one to one ratio.

I was thinking that the cows were alien. But now, I think they are amoebas.

Get back to me with your thoughts, I've got to go plant some seeds.


  1. Sounds like the cows are hollering for the bull. They will do that at least once a month until they are bred.


  2. The cows are up in arms, they've left their fields and barns. They're marching from the farms because kids don't drink enough milk.

    Heard that on a commercial once, so it must be true.