Tuesday, April 9, 2013

5 Monkeys, 1 Battle

I hate when they do this. The last time was the day of the Move and it was two battles to break up. It was brutal.


Tonite (Saturday), all hell broke loose and it happened so quickly. I didn't even see it start.

When I opened the bathroom door all the monkeys rushed in. Snoopy grabbed an article of clothing and started to run with it. I laughed and grabbed him. Got it away from him and the battle began. Who started it? I never saw. But the ultimate victim was Snoopy.

They all ganged up on him and it's not the first time. I first grabbed Samson and Lily. Lily slipped her collar and I couldn't hold Samson. I grabbed Baby Z and threw him in the bedroom. I then went back for Samson.

Samson will do some damage if I don't stop him. I grabbed him and with major difficulty got him in the bathroom. Now it is just two on one. Puggies and Lily on Snoopy.

Lily I grabbed and threw in the other bedroom. Bitch!

Now, it's Puggies and Snoopy. I swear if I let them it would be a fight to the death. And I am not kidding.
A bowl of water put the shock into them, as I couldn't pull them apart.
How I got Puggies in the other bathroom, I don't even know.

Blood on me, the dogs and the floors and the smell of fear urine.


It's insanity.

Hours later we have tentative calm.

Doctor Samson is licking the hell out of Puggies face. Puggies is Samson's favorite after Lily, but she never gets injured in any of these battles. Read that as instigator. Typical woman.

Everyone will be okay, but damn it breaks your heart and gets it racing all at the same time.

We have to get back to some serious training again.

Ps. When I had time to review the battle in my head......Lily started it all. Bitch, like I said.


  1. I'm glad my Annie & Otto love each other (they are litter mates). I never see a bit of fierceness in either one of them.....until the neighbor's dogs come to the fence. Pure hatred and snarling and growling like you'd never believe coming from those two. Once one of the neighbor's dogs found his way into our yard. Bloodshed, as would be expected? Nope. They just looked at him, turned around and calmly walked away and into the house! It must be the unseen behind that board fence that turns them into violent beasts.

    1. Four of the five are litter mates also. Sadly, these pups were bred for hunting and fighting. Calm is maintained about 99.5% of the time. I have seen your pictures of Annie. She looks like a sweetheart!

    2. Annie is the feistiest of the two, but that's not saying much. Otto is gentle and laid back, a sweet little guy. This post describes him perfectly:


  2. Hi! I don't have this problem any more since my older male is gone. And he only picked on other males. My pack is ruled by an old alpha female- she just has to look at 'em and they cower. My kinda lady!

  3. I didn't suggest analyzing your dreams of hairy men or Mick Jagger, but perhaps a little analysis of your doggies is in order.