Monday, April 8, 2013

A Magical Realm

I'm not sure where I moved.
Yes, Colorado.
Yes, Denver.

But something is not right.

Friday got me thinking...

When I first moved here, I saw rainbows everywhere all the time.
I saw a real live gnome in downtown Denver, last week.
I saw a mermaid on a highway.
The other night when coming up my unlit driveway, a gargoyle took flight from my fence post.

And Friday, this is what happened.

Part of my job requires me to walk around buildings. OOOOooo, exciting I know!

So, Friday, I am walking around a building and am totally engrossed in what I am doing.
That's dedication.
I'm walking in a planter that surrounds the building. It is planted with low bushes and mid-calf high juniper.

I can't see my feet.

Then I hear a low grrrrrrr.

My first thought of course, T R O L L S!!!!

T R O L L ! !

I actually yelled out!

Now, I didn't yell out "TROLLS". But I did yell something like "AAAAAAHHHHH"!!!!

And since I was between two buildings the sound, of course, was amplified. So, it sounded more like


What dashing young prince came to my rescue?
None, nada, zip, zero, no one.

The princess in me died a little.

So, here's a pic of a troll I found online. I believe it closely resembles what growled at me.
I, of course, never actually saw the TROLL as it was hiding behind the ground level window with the blinds closed.

Note the long ears, a clear indication of TROLLness.

PS. When I related this story to a friend, I was told I was being silly. As everyone knows, trolls only live under bridges.   *sigh*


  1. Michiganians know....Da Yoopers live above (the Mackinaw Bridge), da trolls live below!

  2. I have virtually no clue what you mean, but I'm laughing my ass off just the same!!! HA!

  3. The bigger issue here is no one came to help. Next time yell FREE MONEY. Bet you have some rescuers.