Monday, April 15, 2013

One Ringa Dingie

Wayyyy, back in February, I ran out of an essential part of life here on the wild Front Range of Colorado.
Something so essential that I would die here with out it! Seriously, as some of you know, it gets really cold and awfully windy. Sometimes white stuff covers the ground and I can not even get out of my driveway. I refuse to shovel a quarter mile of the white stuff just so I can go to work.

I woke up one morning and my first thought was, "Boy, it's rather chilly in here!" I check the thermostat, adjust it and get ready for work and go on my merry way. La la la la!

I come home and I think, "Hmmm, still chilly in here. I wonder what's up." So me being a single gal who HAS to rely on herself, (read that as...Sucks to be me, sometimes.)  I can fix this, so I think. Fortunately there are instructions on how to restart the furnace that even a monkey can figure out. I read them over.

Okay, I got this!

Nothing happens.

Second try.
I have it running and air is blowing.
See how smart I am?
But...a small problem. It's blowing cool air.
Not the solution I was looking for.
Ahhh, screw this. I will deal with it tomorrow.

The next morning I get up, same scenario with the exception of discovering that hot water for a shower.
"Oh shit!" I think as I realize I think I may be out of PROPANE!!!
I run to the stove and click click click but no whoosh!

Of course, it's the weekend so it cost me extra but lesson learned. Yes?
Ummm... no.

So, Friday morning, chilly. Crap.
But just enough hot water for my shower. Yay!
Snowstorm coming in starting Monday. Crap!
Forgot the phone information and the name of the gas company. Awww, crap!

Electric heater in the bedroom for Friday night. Yay!
No hot shower Saturday morning. Boooo!

I remember to grab the gas company receipts to call when they open. Yay!
I had to work Saturday. Booo!

Now here is where it gets interesting.
Finally!! I can read your mind, ya know.


I have multiple papers and receipts for the last purchase of propane. I choose the pretty pink one that the rugged cowboy that filled my tank gave me. And I mean the propane tank.
Gutter minds, people. Gutter minds.

Anywhoo....I dial the number and am half listening.
My eyes open wide and I quickly hang up the phone.

Hmm... must have dialed the number wrong.
I reread the number, enter it in my phone.
Quickly hang up.

Okay, one more time.
Reread the number.
Double check that I have entered it correctly and push send.
Holy Crow! Hang up again.

I rifle through my papers and find a number SIMILAR to the one I have been dialing.
Instead of 443 this one is 433.

I dial.
I get a very pleasant but soon to be confused woman on the phone.

"Hi, I'm a customer of yours and I want you to know that I want to spend my money on propane and not porn."

Porn...not so much.

"What?!" She replied, rather shocked if my interpretation was correct.
"Well, you see." I explained to her. "On my printed receipt the phone number is incorrect. It goes to a sex phone line."
"What?! Really?! OMG! I am so sorry!"

What could I do but laugh?

So Ladies, if your hubby gets a little too excited about refilling the propane tank, you now know why!
If one doesn't keep him warm the other will!



  1. You always get the best material for your blog. No fair! I want to run out of propane, too. Wait. Scratch that.

  2. Pfft. Best material. It's this crazy world not me! : )