Friday, April 12, 2013

Mommies Luvs Boobies

Well, it seems I have forgotten to put in some commas in the title. It should read "Mommies, Luvs, Boobies". Can't wait to see what spam comments I get with this.


Again, I state for the record. I don't own a television nor do I watch television. That being said, guess what I saw on television.
A commercial of all things!

Hate it, Hate It, HATE IT!!!!!!!!
Just sayin'. And here's why, if you care to read further.

Yes, it is natural to breastfeed. Duh!
Yes, I have breastfed.
Those are my qualifications.
Moving on...

Boobs are part of the sexual anatomy. They don't magically change into nonsexual bags of milk the minute a woman gives birth.
Boys are going to look, men are going to look.
Hell, I'm even going to look!

What I'm saying is, PUT THOSE THINGS AWAY.
Men go to strip clubs and pay to see boobies flying. If you're going to give a free show, they will look. It doesn't matter that you have a small human being attached to your boobage.

"Oh, but people should be more mature about me breastfeeding. It's not a sexual act."
Well, again, DUH!

But let's just think back a bit. Okay? Okay.
How did you get pregnant in the first place. I'm guessing a man was involved, perhaps several.


Anyhoo....what first attracted said sperm donor? Your sparkling wit? Your high IQ? Your fine ass self dressed in a tight low cut sweater and jeans?  Yeah, just as I thought. The sparkling wit.

As a tip from one mother to another. Modesty has never gone out of style, you just have to have class to wear it well.



  1. Perfectly written! I have always been uncomfortable when a woman is breastfeeding in public. I don't want or need to see that! And I especially don't want my son looking at it. The act is natural, showing it is not. BTW, my 11 y/o son still calls that part of the cat's anatomy "feeding tubes". Of course, his sisters (7, 12) call them "chubbies or chub-chubs". I have no clue where that came from, but I love it so much I have yet to correct it. :)

    Love your wit!

  2. "chubbies"...LOVE IT!!! Hilarious!
    And thank you for the wonderful compliment! : )

  3. I am not one to be comfortable with breast feeding in public. I really don't want to see it, although, I know it is natural...but privacy is nice for all.


  4. Ha ha, I actually thought the video was funny. That being said I'm totally with you on modesty. I would stare to, and if a mom is going a la natural just to prove something that takes all the support away from my side of the debate. I always thought when babies hungry, babies hungry - feed. And I covered up. Modest plain and simple.


  5. Hiya Bliss! My thoughts are if they arrived in a car, feed the babe in the car. Plus, it's most likely the place the baby was conceived anyways!