Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pass the Mayo

I had three addictions, I'm currently down to one.

I had the Farmville addiction for three years.(Read about it here.)
I had the Diet drink addiction ever since they were invented.(Read about it here.)

And my remaining addiction since sixth grade. Sick.

It all started with me sneaking them out of my mother's purse. Yep, cigarettes.

I did stop when my son was born. That lasted about six years.
I never smoked around my son. He caught me when he was ten. We were vacationing in Hawaii and he spotted me from the second floor. He cried and cried and told me he didn't want me to die.
No. I didn't stop. I just hid better.

I had the patch. Bah!

Last year, I bought Chantix for $180. And stopped taking it as it made me sick as hell. Plus I was terrified of the dreams I was told I was going to get. My dreams are crazy enough, I don't need help in that department.

I'm tired.
Tired of not having any stamina of any kind.
I'm tired of throwing my hard earned money away.

It's cold turkey time.
Please pass the mayo.



  1. My husband did it cold turkey. I sure wish you the best with it.
    I'll keep it in mind if your posts start getting grouchy. Thanks for the heads up so I can tiptoe around you for awhile.
    Keep us informed as to how it goes.

    1. Thanks! I've done it before, cold turkey. Hate smoking,anymore!

  2. Magic thoughts for you! My parents tried off and on forever ... I'm sure you will feel better have it is all done and over!!!