Friday, June 7, 2013

I Dream of Africa

I really love living here. There is art and sculpture everywhere!

When you least expect it you will turn the corner and on the front lawn of someone's house there will be a dead tree trunk. But just not lying on the ground, but lovingly carved into an eagle in flight with a bear underneath. I find the love of craftsmanship and art all over this place.

So naturally, I keep my eyes peeled for these gems.

Wednesday, while driving around I saw what I thought to be a couple of metal or cardboard painted silhouettes of birds. When I actually concentrated as to what it was, in actuality it was just a couple of torn plastic bags caught on a barbed wire fence.

Which made me think of Africa.

Surprisingly, not a stretch of my imagination.

I had been to Africa, years ago. One of the saddest things I had seen was this.

Those are plastic bags caught in the tree.

Ugly, isn't it.

Anywhoo... while looking for photos of something similar that I had seen, I came across this Boston Globe news article. (Click the title to read the article.)

The plastic bag wars

Light, sturdy, amazingly cheap—and banned. How the humble sack became a victim of its own success.

Always, hated the little buggers anyways. 

Oh, and if I may recommend a movie.

I cry every time.


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  1. I hope they don't outlaw plastic bags around here. Otherwise what will I use in my little bathroom garbage can? I can't bring myself to buy garbage bags that size when I have perfectly good grocery bags with handles-turned-ties