Monday, June 10, 2013

Meeting Monkeys


Nooo. Not monkeys in a meeting!

I'm talking about meeting monkeys for the first time.
My monkeys.
My crazy monkeys.


Well, my son has come to stay with me for a few months.
That's what I say.
He says for a few weeks.

Judging by the amount of clothing he brought....
he's got another thing coming!

Anywhooo...back to the monkeys.

Since, Samson and Lily are the top monkeys. They got to meet the boy first.

Samson, after the initial barking of  "Who the hell are you and why are you in my house?" 
Warmed up exceptionally well.

Lily, after the initial question of, "You bring cookies?" 
Took to the boy very well.

Now, before I go any further, I must tell you that these are not socialized monkeys.
Meaning, they don't know people other than myself.

Okay, I left Samson and Lily out as an example for people/monkey interaction.
I brought out, Puggies.

This was a longgggg process for him.
Let's just say my ears are still ringing from the noise.

I praise my boy, as he had the patience and listened carefully and followed my directions to the letter.
Puggies is somewhat won over. I only say, somewhat, as he allows my boy to pet him for a bit. Then gets up and barks. But he comes back to be pet.
He is nervous, but not fearful.

I put Puggies in my bedroom and then brought out Baby Z.
He was all barks, yet eager to meet the boy.
Especially when the boy brought out the secret weapon.
That's right.
Baby Z even relaxed enough to yawn and lay down, just to hang out!

Well, next was the 80lb monkey. Snoopy.
I brought Snoopy out on his leash.
He was eager and loud to meet the boy.
That's when Lily stepped in. She knew that Snoopy was too eager and put him in his place.
So much so, that I had to put her up in the laundry room.
But, I was expecting this, and had warned my boy.

I was able to remove the leash from Snoopy and just hold his collar as he and my boy interacted.
Snoopy lets my boy pet him and enjoyed it too.
But this is a slow process for all involved.
Snoopy gets an A for enthusiasm but a D- for manners.

So all in all not bad for a two hour meeting!
Plus there were cookies for all!!!
Because Momma knows, it's tough to bark with a mouth full of cookies!



  1. Wow! That is a patient boy you've got. He's never visited before?

    At least it doesn't sound like you'll have any surprise intruders with all those monkeys.

  2. Nope, I moved here on Christmas. He was here to greet me. But after a grueling and stressful 24 hour trip, both the monkeys and I were truly worn out.
    The boy was here a few weeks ago, however, he stayed at a friend's house.

    Oh crap! Surprise intruders?! Nope, never! If you saw these monkeys in the yard, trust me, you would keep driving! Ha!