Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Monkeys and Alcohol

First off, let me just say that I am not a regular drinker. Hell, the last beer I had was back in Hell and I have been here since Christmas.

That being said, over two weeks ago I bought a 12  pack of beer. I'm down to the last beer tonight.

I will go get out a cold can, I prefer bottle, I don't know why I bought cans. Hell, I really don't even have a fondness for beer. But hard liquor will make me want to open up a can of whoop ass.


Anywhoo... I will get out a cold can, drink half of it, go get another on as I know I will want it. Then I promptly forget that I have one open beer and now an unopened beer. That is how uninterested in beer I am.

The idea is soo much better than my execution. In both senses of the word.

Now remember that unopened beer? Well, who knew monkeys like beer? As soon as I set the can down, monkeys swarm it.

Fortunately, as stated earlier this is my last can.


PS.  No monkeys were allowed to drive after the making of this post.



  1. Too funny! Did it effect their behavior at all, or did they not actually get any? I had a dog that ate my entire valentines day box of chocolates. He was literally bouncing off things he was so hyped up. I know chocolate is supposed to be poisonous to dogs. How was I supposed to know he would get the box out, open it, and then every last piece and some of the paper wrappers. He had never eaten something that wasn't given to him. Dogs!

  2. Well, to be perfectly honest with you, the thought did flit through my mind to let them drink it all. But as I do not have a way to capture the hilarity on film, I chose to remove the beer. However, should I get something that video records, I reserve the right to get all the monkeys drunk. Call PETA and keep them on hold 'til I do this. HA!