Saturday, June 22, 2013

Onions and Cabbage Patches

Just so you know, my boy is a city boy, much to my chagrin. This was never more so evident, until one day last week.

I live wayyyy out in the countryside and I love it. My boy lives in NYC and he loves it.

When we decided to go on our little adventure Saturday, he drove over to my house. I got in the car and as we were driving by miles of fields, I would point out what was growing out there.








When I pointed out the onion field, he said, "Onions grow on the ground?"

Now, I must confess this child of mine is smart and the funniest person I know. But what kind of mother am I that I never told him how onions grow. I would think that even schools taught the basics of agriculture.

I have concerns.

I'm cutting this post short, because if he doesn't know where onions come from, I had better explain the whole "Where do babies come from?" and F A S T !




  1. That's one of the things I like about living in the country, raising kids. They love walking through the gardens and 'grazing' on snap peas, cucumbers, and even chives. My youngest loves eating chives. Then her breath is horrid! But it's free snacking, I guess. My kids may never know where babies come from but they do know fruit and veggies. In fact, my son, after watching the kittens nursing was telling me about how the kittens ate from those "feeding nobbies" He's 11 and I'm glad my kids are still so innocent. :)