Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I'm a Murderer

It was a hit and run, sorta.

I did go back and assess the damage.
I had to go back and see if I needed to run over it again.

I was on the final dirt road going to my home.
I saw it and thought "How cool!"

Then I ran it over.

I truly did NOT want to run over it. But given my rate of speed and the fact that there was an oncoming car, I squished it.

I was still thinking "How cool!" Then it dawned on me. I ran over it.

I turned around and went back, to see if I needed to put it out of it's misery. But fortunately, I got it's head the first time. It would have been tough to line up the tires for a second pass.

I originally thought it may have been this.

That's why I thought, "Oh cool!"
I had never seen a rattlesnake in it's natural environment. Also, I was safely tucked away in my truck. That's the best way to view a rattlesnake, in my humble opinion.

But sadly, it was this.


Don't be fooled by the triangular head. This baby is nonvenomous, the non elliptical pupils give it away. It's a bullsnake.
I had seen one dead on my road a few weeks ago and looked it up. It eats small rodents like mice. So, it is my hero.

I feel badly that I killed it. And I will be certain to watch for them in the future.

Rest in peace, bullsnake. I suspect you will be a coyote's dinner tonight.




  1. I have no love for the snake in any form, venomous or not it its natural environment. However, they are fascinating behind glass. I will now have nightmares tonight because of your photos.

  2. Sorry, hate them all. I will probably have nightmares tonight. Run over as many cockroaches as you can though.

  3. Ah Ha! You both have discovered one more of my hidden talents! Enjoy!

  4. I thought I should clarify that I DON'T have cockroaches but, we did when we lived in Hawaii. And I STILL remember how hard it was to kill/get rid of the little bastards. My theory is the islands were not formed on cooled lava but from dead cockroaches.

  5. Flaming cockroaches running around the house. That's all I can see!!! HAHAHAHA