Monday, June 17, 2013

Saturday, A Great Day

Saturday was a great day!

I spent the day with my boy!

We had no plans other than to go to the Denver Flea Market, however we crammed a ton of fun in just a few hours.
Picture courtesy of my boy!

First stop was the Mile High Flea Market. I dressed as if I were going to market at  Campo de' Fiori in Rome. I wore a long red dress, sandals and a wide brim hat. Yes, I was rockin' the look and even got a compliment from an Asian woman vendor.

With all the hype that I had read about this flea market, I was a little disappointed. It was small. I say small, in comparison to the Swap Shop in South Florida. I mean, come on! We walked up and down every aisle, and my feet didn't even hurt at the end of our time there!

We did come away winners, though! I bought an ugly Aeropostle bag, it was a necessity as I wanted a bag but couldn't find what I wanted and I was sick of my lipstick hanging around in my bra.
Bag was originally, $32. I bought it for $12.

Note the blue shoes. That's my boy!
But the HUGE deal of the day, was for my boy! He found not one but two 35mm cameras. The vendor wanted $50. That was a huge deal, yet, my boy walked away with those two MINT condition cameras for $32. That's not each! But $32 for both! SCORE!!!

We ate Philly Cheese sandwiches, they were premade. So, of course disappointing, but edible. We also ordered a frozen lemonade. To our surprise, it was not a slushie type drink. Ooooo, and too  sweeeeet!

What I gathered from visiting the flea market, is that if you need umbrellas designed as animals, complete with fabric ears, this is the place to go. If you need a hat, this is the place to go. We bought two hats, both camo bucket style. Both hats for the boy. The first hat was too small, so we found the right size at another vendor and purchased that as well. I guess I now own a camo bucket hat.

I'm sexy and I know it hat. via
Then we cruised down to Denver. I wanted to visit the little Asian market off of Federal and Alameda. At the Asian "home store" I bought a money frog for my boy and one for me. I also bought a dragon figurine. My boy is a dragon, I am a ram. If you follow that kind of stuff. The love of all things Asian can be traced back to my mother and my paternal grandmother. Neither are Asian.

Then I dragged to boy over to the Asian food market. I bought dried black fungus, dried shiitake mushrooms, a long handled mesh colander and MOCHI!!


Me lovee MOCHI!!!!

Okay, I love mochi. I must make mochi. I have pinned mochi recipes. If you would like to see them on pinterest- click here!

Next stop was:
Again, I had heard hype on this and was eager to see what I could see. My over all feeling for this store is, meh. No big deal. Nothing that struck my fancy. I won't be back.

Then we cruised on down to IKEA.

Picture courstey of my boy!
I'm really not an IKEA fan.  However, I did know the first rule of visiting IKEA.


So, after walking the whole furniture floor, we went to try the meatballs.
Not only did we try the meatballs, but we ordered the salmon lasagna, the barbecue ribs and the chocolate cake.

Boy, liked the ribs very much and I thought they were tasty. The cake was great! But I would never recommend the salmon lasagna or the famous Swedish meatball. However, if you like greasy meatballs have at it!

We then moseyed on downstairs and bought a huge picture frame. My boy, who is a professional photographer, is promising me one of his photos. I don't know what it is, yet. But I am promised that after my death, it will hang in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Denver clock tower. Courtesy of my boy.

Next stop was back up to downtown Denver. We walked to the 16th Street Mall to hit Barnes and Noble. As we walked and walked and walked, I remembered that the Pride Festival was this weekend. Now I am all about expressing individuality, however I recall back in the day you had to pay to see this type of freak show. 'Nuff said about that.

Anywhoo, I bought a Carl Hiaasen book and we headed back out to the car. So we walked and walked and walked. When we got back, I had a parking ticket.


We still had twenty three minutes left on the meter! Oh, but wait. That's not what the ticket is for. It's a ticket for not having my license plate attached to my front bumper. But here's the rub. I can't attach it to the front bumper without having my car bumper drilled. So me being the responsible person that I try to be, I placed my plate in my windshield. Oh, and that's a $75 ticket.

So, I got to thinking. I will fight this because I am fairly certain that if my rear light was busted out, I would not have received a ticket. I gotta find a cop to ask. Such bullshit.

Anywhoo.... next we drove down to the river.
Image courtesy of my boy.
It had been a warm day out and a few people lingered in the water. We walked down and tested the coldness of the water. Oooo, chilly!!! I found a freshwater clam shell, both sides intact. I had the boy grab it out for me. I love my boy!
And I would love to bring the monkeys down here. Maybe one at a time would be best. Probably better if I just forget that idea. 

And that concludes my Saturday. Thanks to the boy for the great pictures and his love! 



  1. OMG! My feet hurt just reading about your day. I would need Ritalin to do all you did. I love Ikea's storage solutions.

  2. Sounds like a great day! Glad you got to spend time with your boy.