Monday, March 10, 2014

A Fox, a Skunk and a Bowl of Chili- A Fable

I wanted to make chili as the weather had been, well...chilly. 
It is currently 65 degrees, so my timing  is off just a bit.

Not my bowl of chili

Off to the store I go
and on the road I see,
something crossing
in front of me.

I look and squint,
raccoon, I think.
But a raccoon ?
I blink.

Weasel or stoat was my next guess.
It's shining stripe gave way to itself.
A skunk,
 it appeared in some duress.

Off it shot, from the rumble of my Ranger.
To  the neighbor's cattle pen,
Certain danger!

Young cattle were laying in the warm day's sun.
Quickly they stood, 
eyes open so wide.
When that striped stranger bumbled on inside.

Said striped stranger looked up,
surprised but no anger.
Turned tail and ran off from my ensuing laughter.

Home I come from so far away,
to make the chili for my day.
'Tis quiet and calm as I chop and saute.
Soon broken by dog's loud bay.

Such ruckus they create,
Through the window I see
their object of hate.

'Tis the wily red fox 
in all of his glory
just laying right there
in scorn and not harried.

I open the door 
to converse with the fox.
"Stay away, young fox."
I did consider throwing rocks.

Wily fox, looked back at me
and got up slowly.
He trotted with much disdain 
to plop himself down ten feet
further away.

Back to the quiet and back to the chili,
I open up the meat.
One pound beef
One pound turkey.

Ground turkey is what I desire,
not this pink putrescent  mire.

My meat of choice 
is not slimy nor slick.

But boy, did those dogs 
eat it in one lick.

The moral of the story is....
Don't buy turkey in a tube.

The End.

Ps. Literary license was used for my vehicle choice and my writing license was immediately revoked after publishing this horrid poem.