Thursday, March 27, 2014

Little Bunny Foo Foo

So, a couple of months back, I had the task of trapping rabbits.

The Reckoning of Little Bunny Foo Foo

This is the reason my current company hired me. Not only do I have a vagina. First, because I am a woman in a male dominated field and secondly, because I am super cool  none of the guys know how to trap animals.

Now, before you get your panties in an uproar. I am all about exclusion  and education first. And only humane trapping.

These wascally wabbits were going into a parking lot and chewing up the wires up under the cars. Which is slightly odd until I discovered that some parts on cars contain soy. Like as in made of soybeans. I swear this world is cray-cray anymore.

Most Popular Rabbit in the World

Anyhoo....rabbits are notoriously difficult to trap. Unless, of course, you are me! Seriously, there were bets placed at the office that I would capture none. Well, sorry suckers, I won.

Now, depending on your states laws, there are regulations on disposing of captured wildlife.

Unknot those panties, right now!

I release them on my property. Which sorta gives them a fighting chance.

Because the weather was cold, and it was dark when I got home with the bunbuns. I placed them in my laundry room, fed and watered them. The next morning, I would release them. Hoping that they would find a hideout and live happily ever after, making more bunbuns.

So, it happens that I catch a young rabbit. Awww.... itty bitty ears, itty bitty tail. Sooooo cute!!

Baby bunbun

Same routine, laundry room, food, water.
It was too cold to release so...
Laundry room, food, water for the next couple of days.

Okay, bunbun, time for you to be free. I let bunbun out and he hops under my personal vehicle.
Okay, no problem.
I come home and there is bunbun.
Same thing the next day.
Bunbun doesn't want to leave.
He's hanging out near the porch.
Fine! Now I own a bunny.
I go outside but bunbun won't come to me. And I never asked what it's name was, so it's not like I could call it and he would hop on over.
Okay, I think. If you are here tomorrow morning, I am scooping you up and building you a pen.

The next morning I decide to take Puggies for a walk.
We go down the steps, Puggies dips his head down and won't move.

Well, I look to the side of his face and I can see the bunbun's ears sticking out of Puggies' maw. Puggies has found the detached head of the cute bunbun.
I hear, crunch, crunch and he swallows.

Now, Puggies decides that we can now continue our walk. As we start to walk, I see some entrails of the poor bunbun left on the walkway. Poor, poor bunbun.

On our way, back from our walk, Puggies decides to clean up the rest of the bunny. I let him. Puggies is the quicker-picker upper of bunny entrails.

Fortunately, that trapping job ended. I'm sure the foxes were disappointed.

no more bunbuns to eat

Not sure what the point of this post is, but I'm really not on board with the whole making cars out of biodegradable material.


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  1. Prepare for panty bunching.... I love bunnies out in the fields, along the roadside, in other people's yards, etc. However, if they are in my yard where I have extensive gardens, they don't last long. If the dog doesn't get them, the .22 does.