Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Noisy Neighbors

I absolutely LOVE  where I live.

But there are a couple drawbacks.

For example, SNOW!

Actually, snow is not the problem at all. It is my driveway and three miles of unplowed roads until I get to the highway. When I KNOW, that it is going to snow,(it's freakin' Colorado, snow today gone tomorrow!) I park my vehicles at the end of the driveway. Then in the morning, I traipse a full third of a mile to my vehicles.

Ahhhh, morning, the dawn's early light. Well, no. When I leave in the morning it is often 4:30am. And I don't know about your neck of the woods but here it is dark, dark, DARK.
I mean like up a gorilla's nostril dark.
Like, being wrapped in black silk sheets and tossed into a car trunk, dark.
Like, closing your eyes in a closet in the basement of Hogwart's.
That's gotta be pretty dark, right?


Almost every night, at 10 pm. I hear this....go to mark 30 seconds.

Now when I hear them, I know where they are and how far the distance.
One mile at the river, just to the east of me.
Okay, fine and dandy.

last week they were in the back fields and CLOSE.

Makes for a looooong walk in the dark.



  1. We get to hear them right outside our window at night. It's very long as we're inside.

    1. I think that sound is the reason, we lived in caves!