Tuesday, March 18, 2014


If a plug needs to be pulled, do it with no guilt, remorse or shame.
I don't want a casket or a funeral.
Scatter my ashes in a river that flows to the sea.
Of all my possessions, choose just one to cherish. The rest sell, give away or toss.

Of what money is left, have a party surrounded by your friends and family.
Drink, toast to my memory. Laugh at my craziness. Remember my love.
Celebrate my life, not my struggle.`

Remember my laughter.
Remember how I treated others.
Remember my love for children and animals.
Remember how I would find beauty in the mundane.
Remember adventures no matter how small.
Remember I was an independent thinker.

Know that I loved ferociously.
That my heart was huge, but tender.

Know that my greatest joy, my greatest love is you.
Know that I want you to have every thing you need in your life to be happy.
Know that I want your struggles to be few and short lived.
Know that I want you to be surrounded by loving friends and family for the whole of your days.

Know that in your children's laughter, I will be there.
Know that when you hear a bird singing, I will be there.
Know when you are hurting, I am there.
Know that when you are your happiest, I am there.

Beyond the curtain of death is unknown,
but science tells us that matter is not destroyed,
it just changes.
I will be with you forever.
My love for you is beyond the moon.

With Eternal Love,




  1. I don't like this. You're scaring me. Are you still around?

  2. Are you ok? Please update this post. Worried about you.

  3. Good Lord, you nailed it, made me blubber, as well as contemplate writing one for my own kids. Gotta go blow my nose now.

    1. Are you kidding me, Bliss?! I cried for an hour at the very least afterwards and during and before!

  4. So glad all is well! I was quite worried. :)