Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Breakfast Club

"They just ignore me." the basketcase

Every kid entering high school should have to watch this movie. And each year until they graduate.

Lessons learned in this movie.

Home life sucks.
School sucks.
Parents suck.
Teachers suck.
Friends suck.

But hey, high school doesn't last forever.

Things I have learned in life.

People lie.
Television lies.
Politicians lie.

Oh, and dreams change.

I originally wanted to become a psychiatrist. But I felt it was not an exact science. I did not want the responsibility of someone's mental health on maybes. I left that dream behind.

Then I wanted to work for a jewelry company. I did so very successfully for many years.
Then my Dad died.

I changed my priorities.

I became a mortgage broker. The money was great. But, I saw the irresponsibility of the industry and could not in good conscience continue.

I became a professional animal trapper. Yes, you read that right.

Not, to brag. But, once at band camp, I caught five of these in one day!

Then more shit happened and back to retail. Then some more shit. And I moved to another state.

Even more shit and I moved again.

Now, I am back into pest control.

And you were expecting a really gross pic!

And well, I have been fed up with this for awhile.

I had to really sit down with myself and think hard as to what I wanted.

I want land, a house, a damn good fence and my monkeys and some chickens and I am thinking some goats. Even though their eyes freak me out a bit.

Seriously, it creeps me out!

I want to be closer to my son in New York.

Now, I have created something that will make those dreams come true. I just need to get it to production.

So, what I am saying is, twenty some years after high school, I may not yet have life figured out, but I finally know what I want, and how to get it.

Ps. Here's the gross pic you were expecting.
And there you have it!


  1. What a great post. I understand, and that movie should be required viewing, ha. I hope you get all you hope for. And yes, that picture is gross..... :-)

  2. Thanks 1st Man! I had forgotten what a good movie that was.

  3. I remind my kids everyday that their teen years are the worst years of their lives. They suck and will continue to do so for a long time. Enjoy what they can and get through the rest. And we'll try to not kill them in the process, but no guarantees. :) Good luck in your new endeavor!

    1. "we'll try to not kill them in the process" LOVE IT!!!!!