Friday, March 21, 2014

The Most Relaxed Fish on the Planet

I love fish tanks. I find them calming and entertaining.
Little fishies swimming back an forth. The sound of the bubbles breaking the surface.

Did I mention that I want one?

No little bitty tank. I want 30 gallons plus!

Georgia Aquarium- Largest in the World- 6.3 million gallons!

But here's the problem.

Fish don't remind me to feed them.

My monkeys have stomachs that are bottomless and they remind me, let's just say constantly.
But, I digress.

Today, meaning Tuesday. I was visiting an assisted living facility and guess what?
Yep! They have a fishtank. Fifty maybe, sixty gallons.
But I don't really recall what type of fish there were and this is why.

There is a floater.
There he is just bobbing away at the top.

I think to myself. "Huh, I don't think people want to be reminded of death in a place like this." So I tell the receptionist that there is a dead fish in the tank. Problem solved, I guess.

So, when I am leaving I see Mister Floaty giving me the ol' white eye. And again I tell the receptionist.



She says they have a fish tank service and she will call them, so that they can fish Mister Floaty out.
But, first she gets up and goes to look at the tank.

She's looking at the tank and I can tell she can't see Mister Floaty. Did I mention that Mister Floaty is more than four inches?

She points to the bottom of the tank and says is that the dead one?

 "giant algae sucker", Pterygoplichthys pardalis
And I say....

"Umm, no. The dead one is the floating one."

She says...

"Are you sure?"

You know, she may have a point. I am not a fish doctor.
Though, I bet I could play one one tv.