Friday, March 14, 2014

Going Old, Old, Old School

Sometimes, it is just better to go with an oldie but goodie.

For example:

Whoa, Baby!

GAK! I couldn't stand the fashions of the 70's! I was one smart little kid!

Okay, that was a horrible example.

But, I do remember thinking that these were the GROOVIEST!


I wonder how many goldfish died in the 70's for this fad.

But this isn't old, old, old school enough.

For example:

OH, YEAH!!!!
Oh, Kool-Aid Man! I was always terrified you would show up at my house. I had to switch to Hawaiian Punch.

Now, you maybe thinking, "Yes, this is old school. But damn! I wish she would get to the damn point already!"

Pfffft....shut up you.


If you are thinking that Kool-Aid is a product of the 60's and 70's, you are wrong.
Hellooooo, developed in the 1920's!! Now that is pretty Kool!
Plus, I checked out the Kool-Aid website and OMG!!!! There is an app that you can download and the Kool-Aid Man will photobomb your pics!!! I may just have to get a new phone!!!

Okay, seriously....Throw away all your spoons.

I will wait. It will be worth it I promise.

You back yet?

Okay, the Chinese people are dang smart.

Tired of the huge soup spoons that slop all over?
Or tired of trying to eat soup with a teaspoon?

This right here solves all these problems and more.

Oh! Hell No!!

I own this exact model!!

No Joke! This little spoon will change your life! No drips from the bottom. It will float on top of your soup, like a little boat. You can take dainty sips from the side or jam the whole thing in your mouth!

I bought mine at my little Asian market for 80 cents a piece. Mine is plastic. But I will be upgrading to the porcelain. You can buy these online. If you click the pic it will take you to a Czech webpage, so if you can read Czech, have at it!

And this is soooo old school, I don't even know when they were developed! Probably when we brushed shoulders with the dinosaurs, back in the day.


Ps. I never used the word groovy as a child. But I am stuck on "Awesome" and it's pissing me off. I'm going to start using the word "Splendid"  instead.

Pps. If you click on the word "download" it will take you to the Kool-Aid mobile app site.

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