Monday, March 24, 2014

Well, I'll Be!!!

Things that I have learned about foxes since moving here.

The poor things live no more than five years in the wild. Awww...
So, really don't want to harass them. But, they are driving my monkeys nuts.(There's a joke in there somewhere.) And in turn, driving me nuts.

So, I decided to make them move on.
I decided to purchase a slingshot and some marbles.
In fact, I placed them in my Amazon shopping cart on Wednesday night.

Are these incredible or what!!!

Now, today being Thursday of last week....
All the pieces fell together.

Red foxes live on the outskirts of coyote territory. Generally, speaking the two do not have much interaction. Coyotes have no qualms killing a fox. So, a smart wily fox will stay far away from their neighbors.

The reason I know this is that I witnessed something rather strange last Sunday and had to research what I had  seen.

I saw a fox chasing a coyote across the field. WHAT?! WHAT?!
They weren't at a full out run. The coyote would run a few paces, then stop. The fox would chase a few paces, then stop. This went on across two fields.

I couldn't believe my eyes. Google to the rescue. Not.
I could not find anything on the web about  this curious behavior. Huh. Interesting.

Last Monday, I realized that the foxes are denning less than 100 feet from my house. That explains why he just lays in the field right there. I saw her come out.
This is why the fox was chasing the coyote!!

Last Tuesday, I drove over to where they are denning but can't see the opening that I know is there. No, I did not get out. I am not stupid, as a general rule.

Last Wednesday, Amazon shopping cart.

Last Thursday, I watched him bring his meal back to the den, where she came out to eat.

Revelation struck!

Okay, let's do the math.

One boy fox plus one girl fox equals....



Hmmm..... a foxy gramma, at that!


Now, I'm on kit watch! Stay tuned!



  1. We have coyote dens out in our corn field draws. One harvest a few years back, the kids and I were out riding our Kawasaki Mule while they were taking out the crops and saw a coyote running from the combine. A little later I saw her carrying a pup. Then, later still, we were looking for her and she appeared right in front of the Mule. She was snarling at us, so close she could have jumped on us. Just me and my young kids. No gun. No doors. No wind shield. I'm not even sure I could have outrun her in that old Mule! Scary. But we did have our trusty farm dog running alongside us. Surely he'd protect us. NOPE! He just runs up to her and tries to play. They run off as I follow at a safer distance to see if we can find where she moved her pups to. We didn't. End of story. Moral? When chasing down a scared mama coyote moving her pups, make sure you can outrun her and carry your gun in case you miscalculated. And... it's really cool to see a snarling coyote up close...and have to scars to prove it.

  2. Nope, nope, nope and lest I forget, NOPE!!