Monday, March 31, 2014

A Determined Monkey

If anything, I have learn that monkeys are protective.

Of me, of empty plastic bottles, of the road, and of the fields.

No threat is too big or small.

Semitruck coming down the road. It better keep on going or suffer the barking wrath of monkeys.

Black plastic bag stuck on a fence in the middle of the night. Well, you're toast.

Simple little honey bee. Well, it was nice knowing you.

A couple years ago, Puggies had the opportunity to find out who's the boss between he and a wasp.
Not Puggies, but you get the idea.

Puggies soon found out that a wasp in the mouth wasn't all that is cracked up to be. (No pun intended.)
Now, you would think that the monkeys would, I don't know....Share critical information.

For example:
Dog crap tastes like s**t and shouldn't be eaten. (Snoopy)
If you get on the bed and touch me, I will have a fit. (Puggies)
If you keep picking on me, I will soon go postal. (Baby Z)
Don't try to hump the momma's leg or I will knock you out. (Lily)
If I puke up food, let me re eat it or there will be trouble. (Samson)


We are all outside on Sunday, and a bee buzzes by. Which reminds me, that a wasp flew around me yesterday and landed on my ear. But I digress...

Snoopy, who never got the memo from Puggies about the dangers of eating wasps, decides this bee is a gift from DOG and snaps at it.

And promptly spits it out.
Do you think that different breeds of dogs,
argue about which
breed of dog, God truly is?

Samson, who steals everything from everyone, decides it is his bee and licks it up off the ground.

And promptly spits it out.

Now, Puggies and Baby Z, come over to investigate.

Samson repeatedly scrapes the bee on the ground and then licks it back up.

He really does not want one of the other monkeys to eat his bee.

Finally, after about ten paw swipes and as many licks and with his audience watching, he finally eats the bee.


Because he is a greedy, greedy monkey who doesn't like to share.

And now a random fact.

A dog’s sense of 
smell is said to be a thousand 
times more sensitive than that 
of humans. In fact, a dog has 
more than 220 million olfactory 
receptors in its nose, while 
humans have only 5 million.

If that statement is so true, why must a dog put his nose all up in a strangers business. And you know what I mean! Must be a damn smorgasbord! And holy crap, I spelled that correctly at first pass!!
I earned a gold star!

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