Wednesday, November 28, 2012

and the Chocolate Starfish

I am still upset about the dog plates I never owned.

*le sigh*

I think they are the coolest thing ever!

Now before you start thinking that I have "Dog's Playing Poker" hanging on my wall, let me be very, very clear.

But I may be considering it.

I, in fact, have hanging on my wall a vintage, velvet painting of Elvis.

Jealous much?

Geez, what was I blogging about again?

Ah yes, searching for dog plates on Google.

These halted my search.
Dog Butt Floss
Nah, I'm kidding!

I continued my googling and found this next item.

Do you think you can handle what I'm about to show you?

Turn back now if you think the above picture is offensive. 

This next one is worse.

Cat Butt Magnets

What?! Still not offensive enough?

Okay, how about this?


Does that photo disturb you? Do you own a dog? A cat?

Okay. I'm all about finding solutions to problems.

Here you go......

This is really what stopped me in my tracks.

Buy these here or not.
Entrepreneurship at it's best?

PS. I don't own an Elvis anything. I found it for sale here.
Pss. This is not an endorsement for any product, artist or things found on the bottom of your shoe.

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