Monday, November 12, 2012

I am one BAD MUTHA

I have been extraordinarily neglectful of my children chickens.

How bad you ask? Well, I just lobbed a dozen dozen eggs over the fence. Yep, that's gross in more than one way. Think about it. HA!

Wet weather is heading our way and it was long over due that I got off my rear and clean out the coop.
Out with the straw and down with the pine shavings. It smells oh, so pleasant!

Now, my coop is not small. The dimensions are 8 x 10. Huge for the amount of chickens I currently own.
I have plastic totes filled with oyster shell, crumble, pellets, and scratch. There are heat lamps and fans and a chair for me. It's pretty sweet, if you are a chicken!

These are the chickens I currently own.

Light Brahma rooster named Khan.
Easter Egger hen named Butterscotch.
Buff Orpington rooster named Champ.
2 Plymouth Barred Rock hens.
Giant Jersey pullet.
And, the star of the show..... a little Rhode Island Red pullet that had decided to hatch out some of the eggs!!!

She's going to be a momma (hopefully)! She hasn't even laid her own eggs yet!!

So even though I am one Bad Mutha....she is amazing. I am naming her Hope.


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  1. Chickens are ever so much fun!!! Enjoy your chicks!Linda