Tuesday, November 20, 2012

No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

I am tired.
I have no energy.
I'm exhausted.

Oh, did you just ask me a question?
Sorry, I must have dozed off.

Why am I so tired? Awww, thanks for asking!

Well, if you recall the dogs monkeys get in the bed to sleep with me.

Yes, I know. Ew, yuck and gross. I agree. Plus the fact that there are five of them and one of me, there really isn't enough room for all of us. It's a lucky night for me when only three get on the bed. But of course, they are the largest and the longest ones that join me. And each and every one of them is a classic bed hog. You truly have no idea. Yaaawwwnnn.

I have come up with a solution. Yay! Me!

Here are some of my original thoughts on this matter.


Oh! How dreamy!

But not the answer as, four of the five love water. I would be tired and wet.

How about this?

Now in theory, this may look like a reasonable solution. But I fear I could never get warm enough and I envision the dogs monkeys jumping on this and their legs plummeting through the holes. And well, monkey mayhem and laughter on my part ensue. (stop for a moment and picture it)  So, moving on.

I saw this "fairy bed".
Ah, me! So serene.

Until, I realize 5 dogs monkeys in the woods would be insane. Who would be able to sleep? Two of the monkeys are bona fide hunting dogs. Plus they would eat all the little fairies. BAD MONKEYS!

Then I saw a popular word...Barnwood.
Aha! Let's see...simple, understated, er.... outside.
Okay, move that bad boy inside and we might have a deal. Hmmm,  and raise it up about 3 feet.

I have found the solution and the tutorial!

Skip through the book learnin' and git to the Claymation.
Start at 1:18
Jammin' and cute!


  1. I could really enjoy a couple of those beds! Great post!