Saturday, November 24, 2012

Illusions of Grandeur and Christmas

(Clicking on the name will take you to that persons blog, clicking on the gift will take you to that site.)

These are the Christmas gifts I would give if:

1. I knew all these people personally.
2. I were made of money.

To: Suzy Homefaker
I would marry this woman, but I'm a girl.
To: Sixbears in the Woods
Because the answer to the question is "Yes."

To: Linda an Terry
All all expense paid week vacation not too far from home. And they welcome Fuzzy and Boomer!

To: Craig
Nuff said.

To: Bliss
All expense paid week vacation. I think this would fit her style.

To: Karen
Because she would so do this for her fans.

To: Canning Granny
Because for all she accomplishes, a couple extra arms would be a welcome gift. I think.

merry merry christmas!!



  1. I hope you were joking because I'd probably have to return that gift! Well that is of course after I vacationed at it because I do want the vacation part, but you would see every finger print I left, every crumb I didn't clean up, and omg, too much glass and mirror, I'd see ME!


  2. LOL!!!!!